Unique Traffic Stopping Pop Up Trade Show Displays!

trade show displaysTrade show displays that are attention getting and unique are important for your business because there are so many distractions at a trade show. Most business owners who exhibit at trade shows will get at 10 foot exhibit space. We have tabletop displays as well as 8 and 10 foot floor trade show displays. As potential customers walk the halls of the trade show floor it only takes about three seconds for them to walk right past your 10 foot trade show display. Trade show displays need to make the attendees stop and look; if you can’t get their attention it doesn’t matter if you are giving away gold for a penny. People go to trade shows somewhat like people going shopping at a mall. Part of the fun of a trade show is walking up and down the aisles of the trade show seeing all the displays and stopping where you see something interesting so you can get more information. However, just like shopping in the mall you don’t stop at every store; in fact you don’t stop at most of the stores. You see things that interest you in the mall and you stop to check it out further. When you look at the faces of people walking in a shopping mall they look very similar to people in a trade show. Most of the time people aren’t searching for a specific place to stop and shop; they want to see what is there. This is why a unique trade show display that commands attention is so critical. You never get a chance to make a sale to the potential customers if you can’t first get them to stop at your booth.

Trade Show Displays

We have a two pronged approach at getting clients to stop:

1. We design bold, stunning graphics.
2. We offer some very unique trade show displays.

We have clients all over the United States but if you are located in South Florida please feel schedule an appointment to have us stop by your office and show your marketing team how our pop up trade show displays work. We are happy to come to your office from West Palm Beach to Miami-Dade since we are centrally located in Hollywood Florida.

These unique portable pop up trade show displays are custom designed by our advertising agency. Here you will also find tabletop displays and 8 foot and 10 foot displays. Our products feature lightweight, super fast setup and a lifetime guarantee. All pop up trade show displays have moving parts and moving parts may break. If any mechanical part of one of our displays breaks we will replace it promptly at no charge to you. This guarantee is valid forever; the way a guarantee should be!

We also have podiums, literature racks, LED lighting, trade show giveaway products and custom embroidered apparel to help you to be successful at your next expo.

Fast Setup Pop Up Trade Show Displays

The benefits of exhibiting at local, regional or national trade shows are many. Sometimes our clients are showing off a new product or service and sometimes they simply want to reconnect with old clients. Meeting with existing clients may at first seem counter productive. After all, it costs money to get exhibit booth space, hotel accommodations and airfare to get to the venue. For that reason, many people may feel that they should be going to an expo to sell products and services. When you consider the cost of acquisition of a new customer compared with the cost of losing an existing customer then you’ll realize that customer retention is also a valid goal of exhibiting at trade shows.

We also exhibit at trade shows and we see people trying all types of gimmicks to attract attention to their trade show booth. Hiring pretty girls (especially in bikinis) is a popular waste of time. These pretty girls can be seen at just about every trade show in the country handing out flyers that guys will gladly take and then throw away at the next trash can. Another popular waste of time we’ve seen is a magician performing tricks to stop people and get them to gather around the trade show booth. Sure the people stop at the booth and sales reps in the booth can’t talk to them because they are watching the magic act. Once the show is over then just like magic, those potential clients do a disappearing act and they are gone.

What we have seen that does attract attention is good looking trade show displays and some nice giveaway promotional products. Now you may wonder if you are just going to attract people that want free stuff and that is a valid concern. What we have found is that people feel a little guilty if they just grab your free promotional products and run. What typically happens is the prospect will ask, “Mind if I take one?” and we say, “Please help yourself” and then they feel a little bit obligated to return the favor so they ask, “So what does your company do?” and we tell them! Typically we give away tote bags because they have soft handles and people like them better than the free ones they give away at the trade shows when you arrive. By using promotional products in this way we create a situation in which the prospects give us permission to make a sales presentation when they ask, “So what does your company do?”, try it yourself at your next expo!

Trade Show Displays
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